Poonam Khubani–Forbes Women Business Leaders

Khubani--Women Business Leader

Out of all the women in business, we are extremely proud and honored to have Senior Vice President, International Sales of Telebrands, Poonam Khubani, as one of Forbes Women Business Leaders in America. Forbes magazine is one of the most widely read business magazines in the world, featuring original articles on finance, industry, investing, and marketing topics. Poonam’s article portrays her qualities that stand out from so many others, making her a Business Leader of America.

Poonam was born in India, and prior to moving to the United States, the former actress worked in Bollywood, hosted TV Asia, anchored Hindi news for ITV, produced films, and wrote and recorded chart-topping Bollywood and pop songs. Immersed in the Indian culture, the political science major speaks three different Indian dialects, as well as Spanish and English. As Senior Vice President of Telebrands, the leading DRTV industry in the world, Khubani has had a vital role in expanding the DRTV market internationally. Poonam says, ” ‘An understanding of political and regulatory forces, nuances of the languages, the economic environment, and lifestyle preferences of the target consumer drives every decision we make. These factors impact everything from product selection and manufacturing to marketing and distribution.’” Khubani is extremely careful of the country’s culture of which Telebrands products enter, and she is successful in driving the sales in those countries. In 2014 alone, Telebrands will have over 20 products being sold in 140 countries on 5 continents. How impressive is that? What is the reason for Telebrand’s international success? It all stems from Khubani’s earned trust in her partners because she always provides honest evaluations of the product’s potential and develops plans that help avoid pitfalls in unfamiliar markets.

If you have a product that has a broad mass market appeal, then getting in touch with Poonam Khubani would be your best bet for success. As a Women Business Leader in America, she is an irreplaceable player in the world of business, and we are so grateful to have her guidance in the most successful DRTV company in the world.


The Best Fish For Your Tank

Betta Fish for Your Tank

Betta Fish for Your Tank

It’s important to know what type of fish to get for your Teddy Tank fish tank! Here are a few answers to your questions: Firstly, it’s a necessity to understand that it is only a 1 gallon tank, so frequent water changes will be necessary. A Betta Fish is your best bet, because it requires little maintenance. Also, there is most likely only room for ONE fish in the tank. You want to make sure that your fish is treated with love and care, and so more than one fish in the tank is overcrowding it. Since the Teddy Tank is such a kid-friendly product, it is great to teach kids responsibility for caring for another living creature. However, it is advised that young children do not try to carry the tank around, which can harm the fish.

Those are some important facts to ensure the best life possible for your Teddy Tank fish! Just remember, your fish is a living creature and deserves the most respect!  Betta Fish can live up to 4 years with proper care! Another perk? They only need to be fed about 3 times a week! So please, enjoy your Teddy Tank with a LIVE creature inside! Your kid will love the responsibility and you’ll love how much their learning. If you have any more questions, visit our website FAQ tab at the bottom of the site.

p.s. If your thinking a fish just isn’t what you want, no worries! Teddy Tank is the perfect storage bowl as well! And it’s great because you can see whatever you’re storing in the belly of your Teddy! 🙂

Telebrands is Pitching to Kids!

Telebrands Kids Products

The Record, the largest Daily Newspaper in North Jersey, featured an article this morning with Telebrands and its near future with bringing its “As Seen On TV” pitch to children! The article does a great job of touching on Telebrands past: how it started, how it has succeeded and some of it’s rough patches. It also talks of the amazing work ethic that founder and CEO AJ Khubani utilizes that drives this company further and further into success. And now, the way that Telebrands is expanding its business? Marketing to kids.

The article’s main feature was previewing the upcoming months for Telebrands which involves three new products directed for the use of children. They are the Ball Pets, which are a fun plush ball that when opened, reveals a stuffed animal, the Teddy Tanks, a stuffed animal with a tank as a belly, and Phantom Saucer, a magical illusion that is fun for all kids! These products will be advertised on kids channels as well as being sold in the major retail stores. Khubani even mentioned that Toys “R” Us will be selling the products! “Khubani said telemarketing is perfect training for the toy business, because both businesses must continuously search for hot new merchandise ideas. ‘Our business relies on a constant flow of new product introductions, so we’re already exercising this business model,’ said Khubani.” So, don’t miss out on the kids products you’ll be seeing very, very soon! Ball Pets, Teddy Tanks and Phantom Saucer will be in the house of millions of kids across America! Order yours today!

Click here for the full article.

Benefits for Kids to Have Fish Tanks

Health Benefits

Health Benefits

It’s been heard that dolphins can help children with emotional disorders. Well, the same thing goes for aquariums! It has been seen that having a fish tank can help children diagnosed with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, ADHD. The Teddy Tank is the perfect solution for calming emotions and being a companion for your child. It will give the health benefits of having a fish and the serenity it brings, while also being a stuffed-animal friend to provide your child with a comforting and supporting sidekick! And so, you’ll feel the benefits of having a fish tank too when you see your child so happy! Try out the amazing Teddy Tanks today. Order now. 

Will You Be The Next Entrepreneur?


At Montclair State University in New Jersey, MSU held it’s First Annual Telebrands Inventors Day for Aspiring Entrepreneurs. CEO of Telebrands, AJ Khubani, is a Montclair alumnus and so this very special inventors day was created by him, a successful entrepreneur. He was one of 3 of the judges on the panel who listened to 4 teams pitch their business idea that has been developed in their last two semesters. The competition was fierce, and ultimately, there was only one team winner who took home the $10,000 kick-start money prize!

The experience was unlike any other, thanks to Khubani sharing his advise and expertise on entrepreneurship. Check out some news segments that feature this #MSUPitch Inventors Day and all it had to offer!

Will you be the next inventor for Telebrands? Do you have a solution to an everyday problem? Do you have the next As Seen On TV product? Then submit your idea here, and have a chance to be Telebrand’s next inventor.

Teddy Tanks Reviews

Teddy Tank Reviews

Teddy Tank Reviews

This is the official blog for the fun, one-of-its-kind Teddy Tanks! This As Seen On TV product is the perfect kids gift for any special occasion. Keep coming back to this site for reviews, news, tips and more on Teddy Tanks.