Benefits A Child Having A Pet Betta Fish!

First, check out the video above on how to properly set-up your Teddy Tank for safety reasons!

Now the real questions is why should l let my young child have its own pet betta fish? Do you want to teach your child responsibility? Do you want to teach your child how to care for and nurture living things? Or maybe, just maybe you want your child to be accompanied by something cute, and fun to have? Than that is why a Teddy Tank is for your child, a lot of good aspects come out of having a pet fish. In addition, it is a low maintenance pet that comes with enormous life lessons! Whats better than that? So if you answered yes to any of those questions visit and get yours right now!

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The Best Fish For Your Tank

Betta Fish for Your Tank

Betta Fish for Your Tank

It’s important to know what type of fish to get for your Teddy Tank fish tank! Here are a few answers to your questions: Firstly, it’s a necessity to understand that it is only a 1 gallon tank, so frequent water changes will be necessary. A Betta Fish is your best bet, because it requires little maintenance. Also, there is most likely only room for ONE fish in the tank. You want to make sure that your fish is treated with love and care, and so more than one fish in the tank is overcrowding it. Since the Teddy Tank is such a kid-friendly product, it is great to teach kids responsibility for caring for another living creature. However, it is advised that young children do not try to carry the tank around, which can harm the fish.

Those are some important facts to ensure the best life possible for your Teddy Tank fish! Just remember, your fish is a living creature and deserves the most respect!  Betta Fish can live up to 4 years with proper care! Another perk? They only need to be fed about 3 times a week! So please, enjoy your Teddy Tank with a LIVE creature inside! Your kid will love the responsibility and you’ll love how much their learning. If you have any more questions, visit our website FAQ tab at the bottom of the site.

p.s. If your thinking a fish just isn’t what you want, no worries! Teddy Tank is the perfect storage bowl as well! And it’s great because you can see whatever you’re storing in the belly of your Teddy! 🙂