About Teddy Tanks


addtocart_product02_selectedTeddy Tank Technology’s goal is to bring Teddy Tank to life. Teddy Tank creates a comforting feeling of friendship and security through the soothing plush animal, fish tank and nightlight. Our interactive product allows your child to feed, dress and talk to their furry friend. Founder, Spencer Grabois, was a Pre-Med undergrad at the University of Florida, when he founded Teddy Tank Technology, LLC. While hospitalized during his junior year of college, the passionate twenty-two year old entrepreneur received several teddy bears and when he went home he rested near his fish tank with his teddy bears comforting him. The comfort of those bears and his pets inspired him to create and develop the Teddy Tank concept. At the start Spencer hand made the first two hundred and fifty Teddy Tanks. In order to perfect the product, he worked hands-on continuously revamping multiple prototypes and iterations as he hand make another five thousand Teddy Tanks. After establishing the enhanced, interactive Teddy Tank, he was able to source the product, providing the Teddy Tank to thousands of people all across the world! Teddy Tank Technology LLC believes in providing life, light and comfort through the patent pending, trademarked design found in the Teddy Tank.


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